Intro to the ZBrush Interface

Introduction to the (Extensive) ZBrush Interface

The number one thing I hear from students is how overwhelming the ZBrush Interface can be, which prompts many to ask if ZBrushCore might be a better option. (The answer is a resounding 'no'). The good news is that you will use a fraction of the tools in the beginning, and later, as you explore, you'll find many more cool things hidden in the program.

In this section, we'll get familiar with the ZBrush Interface. Don't worry—here shortly, we'll install a custom interface that will make it easier. Click here to view a handout; when this loads in a new page, look for a download icon to save it to your drive. You can also view the handout in the PDF viewer below, and there is a download link below the PDF viewer (look for the paper clip icon below the viewer).

Don't worry...there's a lot of stuff in this handout that won't make sense. But after you've completed some of the exercises, it should be helpful in locating some of the tools you used. I'd even recommend printing a copy and using a highlighter to mark the handout as you become familiar with the different tools.

You may also have a gradation in the background of the stage, and cannot use the entire area. We'll address that here shortly.

Captions are available on this video.

NEW Interface Handout.pdf
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