Customizing the Interface

Customizing the Interface:
Frequently Used Tools at Your Fingertips

Now that you've had a chance to sculpt a little in ZBrush, we'll set up ZBrush to be a little more friendly. My custom interface places the tools I use most at the bottom of the canvas or stage.

We'll start by downloading a folder from Google Drive, then install a configuration file, a hotkeys file, and set up a blue matte material as the default. At the end of the video there is a section that addresses an issue that limits the working area—if your gradient working area is small, this should help increase the working area.

This custom interface and handout is available to anyone with the link.

ZBrush Jewelry Folder from Google Drive
ZBrush Interface Handout
Tutorial Notes

ZBrush Interface Handout 2021.6.2.pdf
Custom Interface.pdf
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