Heart & Flowers Ring

Hollowed Heart & Flowers Ring

This tutorial brings together skills we've learned in several lessons in the course, and also utilizes the sculpted flower and puffy heart components we created earlier. We'll also use the IMM Ring Band curve brush and some creative masking to make a tapered band. We will get plenty of practice with Polygroups in this lesson.

The heart is curved and hollowed, and the placement of the flowers with a nifty symmetry trick with the Gizmo 3D will result in an easy-to-cast ring.

The hollowed heart is approximately 1.25mm thick, but can be adjusted to be thinner by varying the Thickness slider in the Extract section. I used -0.0995 (negative) to achieve the 1.25mm thickness, so a lower number (closer to zero) will result in a thinner wall (try -0.08416, which is the next value the slider will snap to).

We'll also learn another really cool trick with masking for removing the band/ring shank as it passes through the heart.

As shown here, the ring is a consistent thickness, and I've successfully cast these with only one sprue. If you're jumping into this tutorial without having done the preceding tutorials, I've enclosed the ZTL files of the heart, flowers, and IMM Ring Band. The Puffy Heart and Flowers can be opened from the Tools section, and the IMM Ring Band brush can be loaded from the brush picker.

IMM Ring Band Brush
Sculpted Flowers ZTool
Puffy Heart ZTool

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