A Little Quick Maintenance...

Startup: Autoload Recent Project

There has been a recent change to ZBrush that will cause the program to act differently than the videos in the course. If you have already downloaded and installed version 2021.6 or later, take a moment to make a change to one of the Preferences.

  1. Open the Preferences menu.
  2. Look for the Startup section and open it.
  3. Turn OFF the Autoload Recent Project button
  4. Open the Config section under the Preferences menu.
  5. Click the Store Config button

Later, when you're feeling familiar with ZBrush, you could turn this feature back on. It will load the last ZProject you were working on at startup.

Here shortly, we'll be installing the custom interface, so we'll work more with setting preferences.

There is no sound on this video...

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