Basics of Navigation

Learning How to Get Around: Basics of Navigation

In this tutorial, this video will share the basics of navigating in ZBrush, including how to zoom, pan, and rotate the view.

An important concept to understand if you're new to 3D or CAD: Navigation is different than rotating or moving an object. Navigation is all about how you are viewing the model.

When you rotate, for example, the model is fixed in space, but you are moving a virtual camera around the model to get a different view.

Be sure to download or print the Navigation Cheat Sheets below. It is arranged so Mac users can print pages 1-2 to get both cheat sheets, and Windows users can print pages 2-3. I found having little cheat sheets on my computer monitor to be very helpful when I was new to ZBrush.

In the course, I will also use overlay graphics on the videos with commands for both platforms, so they should be easy to follow. You'll also get very familiar with "CamDude," the friendly little guy in the upper corner of the stage.

Something else to know. Longtime Mac users are familiar with using "Command" or ⌘ and Option for shortcuts. Windows users will use Ctrl and Alt. Mac users can actually use either Command/⌘ OR Ctrl for shortcuts.

This video from #AskZBrush shows a method for attaching the Zoom function to a scroll-wheel mouse, but I have not gotten this to work on a Mac. The #AskZBrush YouTube channel will become a great resource for you...this huge collection of videos feature Joseph Drust (Patron Saint of New ZBrush Artists) and are short, understandable, and focus on single topics.

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